What is a VA?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Being a Virtual Assistant is catching on fast! A VA is an independent business owner who provides administrative support, generally working outside of the corporate office environment, usually from their home.

Communication with a VA is usually through telephone, fax, e-mail, or courier.  Most entrepreneurs or small business owners don't need or want a full-time administrative assistant, nor can they afford one, but they still need on-going administrative support. This is where a VA would be valuable.

So how do you work with a Virtual Assistant?  This may be the most difficult concept for the “real” world to grasp.  VA’s are generally very experienced individuals and are not employees. They have their own offices, bring a variety of skills to the table and manage how their client’s work is carried out.  They set their own rates, as well as operating standards and policies, and pay their own taxes.   

While a VA can’t get your coffee she can certainly make your life easier by letting you get on with managing your business while she handles the administrative tasks.

Benefits of Partnering With a VA

  • No wasted time and money screening resumes and training employees.

  • No office space needed to house an employee.

  • No need to acquire additional equipment that an employee would use.

  • You have access to professional office assistance "when you need it"!

  • No payroll deductions, benefits, vacations or losing valuable hours due to sick time.

  • Don't pay for idle time... time wasted by an in-house employee waiting for the next project to be assigned… pay only for the hours used.

  • Outsourcing your 'non-core' or 'just can't get to' projects to a VA gives you more time to concentrate on more important tasks, such as prospecting new customers and generating revenue for your business.

  • You meet and exceed the needs and expectations of YOUR customers. A win-win situation for all!

  • Spend time working in your business or take more time to do the things you enjoy

  • Take more time to do the things you enjoy

Are you still overwhelmed?

  • Are you frustrated or overwhelmed with Administrative work?

  • Do you want to spend more time on your core projects that generate revenue for your business?

  • Why not partner with an administrative professional who can take some of that load off?

Contact Mary at Virtually Working for You to discuss how I can take some of the burden off your desk.