Virtual Resumes

Virtual Resume Service

Are you in the job market?   You want to be networking with people you meet and telling them about yourself, right? You have your 30 second infomercial but you also want to be able to give them your information and contact details.

If you are tired of carrying around resumes just in case you meet someone or if you have you ever run out of resumes then read further.

Virtually Working for You has the answer...  Hand them your “business” card.  They are a lot easier to carry with you AND a lot easier for the other person to handle too.

Better yet, give them your “business” card with a link to a webpage.  Yes, a webpage.

How about a webpage with the following:

  • Your picture or copy of your “card”

  • Your expanded infomercial (who are you, what do you do, what are you good at, what are you looking for & why)

  • A link to your resume (in Word and/or pdf format)

  • Your list of References

  • Links to copies of Reference Letters (if applicable)

  • Abbreviated testimonials from references

  • Links to copies of letters from past employers (perhaps they are explaining why you aren’t there anymore,  especially valuable if you were downsized.)

  • Your contact details.

Virtually Working For You offers this new service in addition to what you are already doing.  We will post your resume and details on the “Virtual Resumes” page of our site.  It is like having your own website.  You just need to hand out cards that direct people to your listing.

This is a service provided by Virtually Working for You for paying clients.  It is not intended to endorse any candidates for any particular job nor is it to be interpreted as a job reference.

Call Mary at (647) 722-4953 for more details